MintMoXMR Token


MintMe Blockchain Token

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Token which runs on the MintMe blockchain.

MintMoXMR Resources

What is MintMoXMR used for? Where can I gain MintMoXMR?

MMXMR can be used P2P as one is so inclined, MMXMR is not a digital asset in terms of investment. MMXMR is a Token which can be used to access content and used in discount or shopping offers. MMXMR can be mined or will be airdropped. MMXMR can be aquired through trading, games and more.

Websites and Social Networks

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Listed are a few of the usages and availability of the MMXMR token. However, holders are free to trade for small transactions in low amounts for video game assets or otherwise.

Developers may incoporate the usage in their projects as suitable.

OD Crypto Adnet

MMXMR can be used to purchase advertising or receive as publisher.

OD Crypto Adnet Pays 75% of ad revenue to publishers $2 or 2 MMXMR tokens = 1000 impressions. Join OD Crypto Adnet


MintMoXMR is available on 1 exchange currently:


MintMe exchange allows you to trade pairs of BTC/ETH/USDC with MINTME. Your MINTME can be paired with any MintMe blockchain token or crowdfunding projects. You can quickly trade to MintMoXMR once you have joined STEPS:

  1. Join MintMe Click HERE

  2. Trade MintMoXMR click HERE

MintMoXMR MMXMR Roadmap

Launch to blockchain


MintMoXMR on MintMe Blockchain

Integrate Advertising Network


MintMoXMR on OD Crypto Adnet

Intgrate multi-user no login mining


MMXMR Mining Console

Integrate to Sound Chain music website

Listing to STHC Exchange

Expand business network and developement

Integrate to NFT Trading Card Game