Mintme Network ERC Token

EVM Compatible

MintMoXMR is a utility token for OD Network functionality to have universal payment system. OD Network is the development hub supporting the real case usage of MMXMR.

MMXMR can be transferred P2P and used also as one may be so inclined. Though there are many ways to earn or distribute MMXMR. Those interested may also be able to buy/sell and exchange by clicking button below and joining Mintme exchange.

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OD Network. Usage cases IRL

Many times overbudget and overated and pump n dump scams have all in common is the fact that even the developers themselves are not even working on usage case.

Huge project budgets allow them to push to top of charts and listing via coinmarketcap and to be listed to major exchanges by using big budget can scam larger budget.


In Development

Product 1


MMXMR will be integrated into Soundchain for video exchange

Status: 90%

Product 2


MMXMR Shop will create a full marketplace with free shipping.

Status: 85%

Product 3

MMXMR Minting

Minting system for new coins, airdrop investment not needed.

Status: 0%

Product 1

MMORPG integration

The game itself will not be a OMG masterpiece. It will be a fun integration of mini eco system. Will not require need of actual blockchain transaction within game.

Status: 10%

Product 2

XMR Bridging

Users will be able to utilize XMR/MintMoXMR backing. The MMXMR process was first developed by mining system can be further looking to direction of anonymity of Monero network.

Status: 3%

Product 3

OD Network TV

This will be a quiet on details project until fixing usable framework

Status: 50%




Discord is easy way to chat to development. You can join official channel by clicking link below. This is fastest and easiest way to contact and stay on top of news.

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Is available as a means to message limited. This is checked weekly basis.


Is slowest way to contact. If you have business deals and propositions will be conducted via any chat but all records and finalizations will be sent via email.



About frame About

The token MMXMR is a utility coin, for the OD Network. The OD Network was founded and initial developed by anon team lead by WestnileOD self taught. Living in a country where the impoverished will suffer more for trying to gain any sort of income or financial stability. The long oppressed nation have been under scrunity for crypto no matter the minute. Upon fear of death, or worse financial destruction treaty of versaille style .....WestnileOD can not be in the public light. More of his works