MintMoXMR Token


MintMe Blockchain Token



First and formost, MintMoXMR is not a promissary note, a digital asset or other investment system. There is no ICO and you can not purchase MMXMR using fiat currencies. Any MMXMR obtained via trading, and/or other methods are for one's own intentions and there is no agreement between you and MMXMR of any return of investment.


You will not see the typical copy and paste peer-to-peer public ledger and so on. Blockchain capabilities are fully understood. This will address the purpose for creation and usage of the token MintMoXMR (MMXMR) on the MintMe blockchain

MMXMR is used as a token for measurement in rewards of mining MintMe blockchain.

Initially released as mining on XMR blockchain is more practical to support the blockchain you ride.

MMXMR is used as a token for advertising with incetivized rates at

OD Crypto Adnet


MMXMR intended integrations will be all existing formats as well as to emerge and grow with the ever changing crypto world. Future technologies will be incorporated and old technologies will be owned.